The Bengals realize they’re terrible, and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it

Two games into the season — both at home — and the Bengals still haven’t scored a touchdown. They’re the first team to “achieve” that feat since the Bears … in 1939. Good job, guys!

Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick gave the most honest assessment of the team — “We suck.”

For all their faults as a team, at least Bengals players were pretty honest about who they are after losing one of the ugliest Thursday Night Football games we’ve ever seen:

Maybe. Cincinnati held another awful team to 266 yards, TOTAL yards. The Texans didn’t even top 100 yards passing. The Bengals prevented the Texans from converting their only red-zone opportunity and had them 0-1 on goal-to-go. Houston only converted four of 15 third downs.

Kizer left the Browns’ loss to the Ravens on Sunday with a migraine, but was able to return to the game. He didn’t play well, though. He completed less than 50 percent of his passes for 182 yards, no touchdowns, three interceptions, and he also lost a fumble. Why, he played so poorly that he looked like a bona fide Browns quarterback.

Hue Jackson said after the game that he’s not concerned about Kizer’s confidence. And there’s probably some validity to that.

“He didn’t play as well yesterday, but the sky isn’t falling down by any stretch of the imagination,” Jackson said Monday via the team’s website. “This guy is everything I think he is.”

The Ravens defense has been a force so far. They dominated the Bengals, shutting them out 20-0, with four picked Andy Dalton passes and a forced fumble. So the way Baltimore played against the Browns is just par for the course so far.
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