Red Sox still looking for a big bat as powerful Yankees get even stronger

Dombrowski said reports that the Red Sox have made Bradley available in trades are “false.” He also said the Sox are in the market for only one hitter, rather than trying to double up with, say, Martinez and a second-tier free agent such as first basemen Carlos Santana or Logan Morrison.

“I don’t know where we’d play these two bats. I’m trying to figure that one out,” Dombrowski said. “But I would say we’d be more limited to probably one bat.”

If they fall short …: The Lions will have wasted another season of Stafford in his prime by not having upgraded at running back or pass rush during the 2017 offseason.

Tonight’s opponent is the Bulls, owners of the fourth-worst defense, the ninth-worst rebound rate and no real inside/outside type of defender to matchup with Horford. He seems like a lock to achieve value tonight, so the question is just how high is his ceiling in this good spot?

But at some point, Bortles may be forced to show he can provide difference-making plays in the passing game when the Jags face quality opponents on a consistent basis. A preview of that scenario in the playoffs could happen Sunday against Seattle.

The Jaguars have a chance of securing a postseason berth depending on the outcome of their game and five others in Week 14. Jacksonville is still likely playoff-bound regardless for the first time since the heyday of David Garrard, Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

But losing to the Seahawks will paint the Jaguars as a strong one-and-done candidate considering the relatively soft schedule they’ve played this season. Only two of Jacksonville’s eight wins have come against opponents that currently have winning records (the Steelers and Ravens).nike_chargers_543-180x180

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