When you cut it to eight points, you never know what can happen

There is a narrative that Jeter was doing Steinbrenner and the Yankees a favor with the lopsided trade, but that’s not accurate. Stanton, because of his right to veto destinations, controlled the trade board. After he knocked the Giants and Cardinals off the table, the Dodgers passed on first crack, leaving Jeter desperate — and the Yankees pounced.

Since this is the most unpredictable NFL season in a while, bet on this ending up as the most entertaining game of the holiday. Yes, the odds are long. The Giants managed to not wow anybody even while beating the Chiefs last week. Washington’s collapse in the final minutes in New Orleans made their fans (again) question their will to live. Signs are growing that a national audience will be witnessing a lot of empty seats at FedEx Field. Of the two teams that can’t be trusted, the Giants can’t be trusted more.

“I like the way we competed,” Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts said. “I thought Damian did a nice job of leading that group … they all competed, led by Dame. It was good to get back into the game.”

He was flown by medical helicopter from Cincinnati on Wednesday afternoon, and his family flew by private jet to Pittsburgh at around the same time, unidentified sources told ESPN.

“We again want to thank the doctors and staff at UC Health’s University of Cincinnati Medical Center for the excellent care Ryan received while at that facility,” the Steelers said in a statement Wednesday announcing that Shazier’s treatment would continue at the UPMC.chargers_027-180x180

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