I’ve noodled around in the back-end HTML of a quarterback’s fake newspaper’s website in the hopes that it would explain something.

Ever since Brady told reporters there would be a big reveal as to what’s going on with the TB Times at the end of the season, I’ve scoured these strange posts for a narrative that makes sense. I’ve gone down rabbit holes of Bill Hader’s acting career on IMDB.com in the hopes that it would explain why he’s in some of the comics. I’ve gone back through year’s worth of Brady’s social media to trace storylines. I’ve stalked people on Instagram to track down who’s making these things. I’ve taken a magnifying glass to my computer screen in an effort to find the crocodile hidden in every image.
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It hasn’t. None of it has. And at this point, after hitting dead end after dead end in this very important and worthwhile investigation, I’m somewhat at a loss.

Authentic Womens Jacques Plante Jersey So are a lot of Pats fans. I watched Saturday’s playoff game at a bar in Williamsburg and asked people decked out in Pats gear if they followed Brady’s weird social media and had any ideas as to who or what Croc represents.

Like why indeed. Let’s take this latest image, for example. I don’t think that analyzing it will get us anywhere, and I’m feeling pretty defeated about the whole thing, but let’s dive on in anyway. When you’re already at Tim Horton Jersey the bottom of the ocean, sometimes the only thing you can do is keep holding your breath. If there are any through lines here, I’m going to find them.
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Davis also said he believed Gruden, who has called Monday Night Football games for ESPN since 2009, was all-in to return to Oakland before the Raiders’ game in Philadelphia on Christmas night. He also acknowledged that he would not have fired Jack Del Rio, who still had three years and $15 million remaining on his contract, had Gruden not come back to the Raiders. Those comments have alarmed the Pollard Alliance, even if the interviews with Johnson and Martin occurred before Gruden signed his contract.

We do not doubt that Reggie McKenzie earnestly interviewed Tee Martin, but Mark Davis’ singular focus on Jon Gruden meant that McKenzie was interviewing Martin for second place, the Pollard Alliance statement continued. The Rooney Rule was never meant to prompt consideration of a candidate of color in the event that a white candidate, who faced no competition, declined an offer. It was meant to give candidates of color an opportunity to compete for the first offer.

Although Tee Martin is an outstanding coach and may one day be a superb NFL head coach, he has not to date been a serious contender for any NFL head coach position. The only candidate the Club interviewed who was on anyone’s prospective head coach list – minority or non-minority – was Gruden.

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