The last episode ended with the fire starting as shots of the family’s happy life together were interspersed as the flames spread.

Because it’s about death. We’re all going to be shown a dozen commercials throughout the game promoting an episode about a beloved father seemingly dying horrifically in a house fire as the rest of his family escapes. Doesn’t that sound like something you want to watch late on a Sunday after you’ve overloaded yourself with wings and chip dip?

The final shot of the hour was the fire licking up the staircase to the second floor as everyone slept peacefully. Ah, yes, definitely a cliffhanger I want to follow up on right after the big game wraps.

Things have finally come to a head over four main issues — the role of Brady’s personal trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero; the succession plan at quarterback; Belichick’s coaching style; and irreconcilable differences over who’s responsible for the team’s unprecedented success over the years.

Brady’s insistence in recent years that he’ll play into his 40s stems from his relationship with Guerrero, his various training and lifestyle methods, and, as our own Matt Ufford called it, the “pseudoscientific grift” that Brady and Guerrero have built into a lifestyle business.

The faith Brady espouses in his program and its impact on his career has led to other players feeling pressured to turn to Guerrero and the TB12 method. For some it’s worked fine. Others describe it “like a cult.”

“They’re going to do a very in-depth investigation,” Carlisle said. “They’re going to talk to everybody in the organization, and they’re going to find out the how, the why and the best way to resolve this. An outside party was brought in so there would be no local influence or anything like that. And these people are the best of the best. Their findings are going to go directly to Mark Cuban and [NBA commissioner] Adam Silver, and the Mavericks will abide by whatever recommendations are made.

“I’ll tell you that when it comes to anything involving the Mavericks: Mark Cuban is a believer in extreme ownership, extreme accountability, and he is highly motivated to get this resolved in an expeditious but thorough fashion. No steps will be skipped here.”

Added Carlisle: “Things happen for a reason. Any problem or crisis presents an opportunity, and this is an opportunity for us to get something fixed.”

The New England Patriots coasted into the playoffs and locked up a Super Bowl bid once again, but things might not be so rosy behind the scenes. A report from ESPN’s Seth Wickersham says that tensions between the team’s twin icons, head coach Bill Belichick, and quarterback Tom Brady, have festered to the point that the situation might just be untenable going forward.bears_140

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