Ex-NFLers say league is trying to ‘rig’ concussion settlement, dementia claims are going unpaid

Victims of NFL concussions are tired of waiting for their money.
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Frustrated that their clients aren’t getting paid fast enough, lawyers for players entitled to a share of the league’s billion-dollar class-action concussion settlement said the NFL needs help finding its wallet. Specifically, players claiming they are suffering from dementia have been slow to get paid because of a lengthy vetting process.
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Authentic Demarcus Robinson Jersey Payments are administered by a third party, but the NFL has reportedly only paid six of the 1,113 players of the group claiming they have dementia-related brain impairments in the suit. Those players received a total of $4.85 million, according to the report, which is well short of the $72.3 million that was supposed to be paid out to some 430 players with dementia in the first year of the settlement.

To date, 183 players suffering from a multitude of medical issues beyond dementia have been paid a total of $150 million, though those numbers also came up short against projections of $423 million for 665 players in the first year of payouts. According to the Tribune, 143 more claims have been approved, but the $198 million they are due has not been paid out. Some cases are still subject to appeal.

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