Jon Gruden Says He’d Like to Eliminate Instant Replay to Improve NFL

In the clubhouse, Jansen walked over to his locker with several reporters standing nearby. But there were no questions. It was spring, he’s Kenley Jansen, he threw the ball like Kenley Jansen. Nothing happening at Camelback Ranch was going to fast-forward the Dodgers to October.

Ysla is 16-23 with 3.93 ERA in 147 games, including 44 starts. He will be assigned to Double-A Bowie.

Liranzo, 23, has not played above the Double-A level since breaking into professional baseball with the Atlanta Braves organization in 2012.

Two days later, Jansen was slated to make his official spring debut with an inning against the Royals. Roberts quipped to reporters that because Jansen’s workload had been so limited — by design and because of injury — he had enjoyed a longer offseason than any of them.

Jansen spent much of the pregame session with a pitching wedge, trying to knock golf balls into a wood-and-netting contraption called The Chipper. A couple of hours later, he walked out to the mound, hit 94 mph on the radar and tossed a perfect inning on 13 pitches.

I feel great! Jansen pronounced afterward.

The lack of excitement is why this particular day carried with it a whiff of anticipation: Kenley Jansen and Corey Seager were playing. It was just a B game, but neither Dodgers cornerstone had been playing in games. Seager was being protected because of the elbow soreness that plagued him last season. Jansen had turned up with a tight hamstring. Their maladies were the closest thing to drama.

Spring training B games are amazing, played on a back field surrounded by chain-link fences, and the dugouts are contraptions that you’d expect to find at a small high school. The rules are lax — Seager batted leadoff each inning to get in extra work. No one seems to keep score.

Seager had two fielding chances, both of which resulted in routine throws that he executed with no apparent difficulty. He also swatted a home run during his first at-bat, reminding everyone why we care so much about his elbow in the first place. He was fine and in his soft-spoken way, he fielded questions afterward.

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