Blake Bortles’ timely interception of a thief thwarted a burglary at a Jaguars’ party

Police say Blake Bortles turned into a crime stopper Wednesday night when he and Jacksonville Jaguars teammates Chris Reed and Brandon Linder stopped a man from stealing the quarterback’s wallet, according to TMZ.

The report says surveillance video shows Bortles’ wallet being snagged by the thief, who rummaged through the quarterback’s unlocked truck at a house party at Linder’s home. The keys to the truck were also there for the taking, but the uninvited party guest was boxed in by other cars and couldn’t steal the truck.

Just to circle back to that, Bortles left both his keys and his wallet inside his unlocked truck.

Gesicki will almost certainly become Miami’s primary pass-catching tight end. At 6’6 and 247 pounds with 4.54 speed, he is the kind of mismatch Thomas was supposed to be in Miami. Since he and Smythe are both likely to make the team based on draft status, Gray could have a hard time earning the last roster spot if the Dolphins only keep three tight ends.

Gray is a good all-around tight end, but he isn’t special in any one area. Cutting him would save the Dolphins nearly $1 million in cap space.

Shayne Denn, 26, of Tewksbury, Mass., was arrested by the Franklin County (Maine) Sheriff’s Office on three charges — operating without a license, providing a false name and date of birth, and most notably, operating as a fugitive from justice. He was brought into the jail after his arrest Thursday and is being held in custody without bail. 

According to Wilmington (Mass.) Police, Denn was also suspected in connection with a crime spree that included using a pickup truck to smash through the wall of a store.

A spokesperson from the Foxborough Police Department, which initially began the burglary investigation, said it is likely Massachusetts prosecutors will seek extradition to Massachusetts for Denn to face burglary charges there.colts_125

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