If I’m the Cleveland Browns, I’m taking Josh Allen at No. 1.

There are concerns about his 56.2 completion percentage, but I’m sick of hearing about them. The guy played outside in 40-degree Wyoming weather and had terrible talent around him. He also threw far fewer screens than the other top quarterbacks. If Allen threw 10 passes a game behind the line of scrimmage, we wouldn’t be talking about his completion percentage.
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Barkley is going to be even better with the Giants than he was in college. He’ll be in an offense that knows how to utilize all his skills, and he’ll have other weapons around him to command defensive attention. With Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr., New York could have the two best offensive players who aren’t quarterbacks this season.

When the New York Jets traded up to No. 3 overall, everyone knew it was to get a quarterback. The only question was which one would it be? I’m going Womens Shea McClellin Jersey with Josh Rosen. There has been talk that the Jets like Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield, but the UCLA product is the most ready to play right away.

That could be with the Los Angeles Chargers. L.A. doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses, so it can afford to take Darnold and sit him for a couple of years. Philip Rivers is 38, but he has at least a couple of quality seasons in him, and he’ll be a great guy for Darnold to learn behind.

Trevor Linden Kids Jersey Here’s the other reason this pairing makes sense: The Chargers have been getting one-upped by the Los Angeles Rams every step of the way over the last year. The Rams made the playoffs, have a young, exciting signal-caller in Jared Goff and added a bunch of wonderful pieces in free agency.

What better way to win over some of the L.A. fanbase than to draft the Southern California darling Darnold? The Chargers can set up their franchise for the future and get the fans going with a guy they’re familiar with.

The Seattle Seahawks have a number of needs that could be addressed in Round 1, but the offensive line is by far the biggest. When Seattle was making its Super Bowl runs, it had standout linemen like Russell Okung, James Carpenter and Max Unger. In recent years, however, the line has been a joke, and Russell Wilson has been running for his life.

Will Hernandez is a hulking, powerful guard at 6’2 and 327 pounds. He can run block every bit as effectively as Nelson, and he’ll be a force opening holes for the Seattle running game. This will help take pressure off Wilson.

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