Mayfield’s and Rosen’s totals are inflated because of how many starts they made.

Taken as the 17th defenseman off the board in drafts, it’s almost unbelievable that Keith finished 82nd among defensemen on the ESPN Player Rater despite playing all 82 games. Keith will be 35 years old next season and will justifiably be a late-round flier with value completely dependent on the Blackhawks’ power play and his role on it.

Among players drafted in fantasy leagues back in September, MacKinnon stands head and shoulders above everyone else for sleeper value. We knew the success of the Avs hinged on MacKinnon realizing his potential, but that has been true for several seasons, and MacKinnon failed to eclipse 53 points in the previous two campaigns. But with Mikko Rantanen as his sidekick and a rejuvenated Tyson Barrie aiding on the power play, MacKinnon barely trailed Malkin and Kucherov for overall fantasy value among forwards this season, despite playing four fewer games than Malkin and six fewer than Kucherov.

Analysis: Do QBs who turn it over in college continue to turn it over in the pros? Generally, yes. Palmer and Brees both had seasons where they led the NFL in interceptions. Smith and Rodgers are known as two of the least turnover-prone quarterbacks.

Darnold’s turnovers concern teams. They are studying his interceptions and trying to figure out whether the problem is a simple fix or something that will stay with him throughout his career.

Analysis: This is usually more popular with fans than teams, but sometimes the argument is made that a quarterback is “a winner.” This was a popular argument from Tim Tebow fans.

Does college winning percentage matter? It definitely can indicate a QB is playing at a high level, but there are so many other factors that go into team success. Alabama’s quarterbacks would be top prospects every year if winning truly was an indication of a good quarterback.

His 39 percent hard-contact rate finished second among catchers with 350-plus plate appearances in 2017, and at 2018’s outset, he boasts a healthy average of 9.4 barrels per plate appearance, per Statcast. Hernandez’s punch around the strike zone continues to erode, giving all White Sox bats a positive outlook.canucks_1164

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