I’m going with the rare Building Block and Fade from the same team.

Listen, Wiggins is an elite athlete and I love what that should mean for his fantasy upside. The key word there being “should.” In his four games playing alongside Butler, 38.2 percent of Wiggins’ field goal attempts have been from distance — a rate that is way up from his career 15.1 percent entering this season.

Romo telestrates in yellow how wide the safeties are. Then he draws a circle around the middle of the field, with the center right around the 31-yard line—where the Raiders must reach for the first down. The area is empty. Totally devoid of Chiefs.

“The area to throw to is right here in the middle!” Romo says, voice rising to the importance of the game, the season, for Oakland.

The offensive balance has been staggering. Sixteen players have scored goals, including all but one forward (Brendan Leipsic), while five Knights have scored winning goals.

“Everyone is eager,” said forward Cody Eakin. “Everyone wants to prove to themselves or prove to someone else that they’re here for a reason. You look around the room and you see 25 good players. ‘Eager’ is the word to use.”

Hopes are dwindling as the Pac-12’s overall stock sinks, and the Cardinal toyed with certain elimination on Thursday at Oregon State. But the fact remains that Stanford has not lost since Week 3, and an opportunity remains to win the Pac-12 and to make a statement against Notre Dame.

There’s an exception to every rule, right? NC State, like Stanford, has lost twice — and once by a three-score margin. But the Wolfpack are unbeaten in the ACC, with an opportunity against Clemson, then perhaps to defeat an unbeaten Miami for the league title. Would it be enough? Only if total chaos erupted elsewhere.canadiens_001_aeb1bf0fe25cbb3b-180x180

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